The Conference

‘Rehumanising Education’ is a 1 Day conference that
challenges the idea that academic achievement is the measure of student success.  Presenters all argue that if we are to live well together, ideas around success and achievement must change

The conference will challenge critical parts of the current education narrative such as:

  • that success in testing leads to success in life
  • that marks are the only important outcome
  • that everything is about the economy
  • the assumption that technology in education is inevitable

You will come away with:

  • Insights into the limitations and long-term implications of the current system
  • Strategies for opening out a different kind of teaching space for our young people to learn in
  • A sense of freedom as a professional to engage, to inspire and to infect young people with the joy of learning about – and participating in – the world.
  • Tips on how to return creativity, joy and delight to teaching and learning
  • A community of like-minded thinkers who care about the future of our citizens, and the value of our vocation as educators.