The Rehumanising Education conference addresses aspects of the planned New Zealand Curriculum (NZC), which teachers find challenging. 

  • Dr Ann Milne will address the curriculum's phrase "as Maori" and the need for education to "colour in the white spaces". 
  • Associate Professor Niki Harrē will consider values in the ‘infinite game of education’.
  • Dr Armon Tamatea will talk to his work with prisoners and how education may be made a more humanising experience for many before and after they encounter the ‘Corrections Department’.
  • Dr Lynne Bowyer and Dr Deborah Stevens will address the curriculum's requirement for "students to learn to make ethical decisions and act on them, especially with respect to advances in science and technology.
  • Libby Giles will present a session on global citizenship and global responsibility
  • The Wellington day will include guided tours of the He Tohu exhibition
  • The Auckland day will include a presentation on using picture books in secondary schools.
  • Please bring an object that speaks to why you became an educator and your hopes for education.